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We have served several clients over the years we have been in the market. We have managed to retain almost 92% of our clients owing to our trusted and reliable products and services. We always take into serious consideration the nature of operations that our clients run and maintain our products specifications and quality that will guarantee them success over the long-term. We are always on the lookout for new clients. We want our first time serving you to be an experience that will make you remain one of our loyal customers. Our company guarantees quality products and services that will help your company stand out in your business niche.

We understand that our operations have to meet the expected market standards. We have developed an organization that adheres to all the ISO standards, and we recently attained ISO 9001 Certification. We have always taken steps to ensure that our operations conform to the industry regulations currently in place. We guarantee safety in the production, use and disposal of all our raw materials. You can be sure that our responsible approach to business will definitely enable your company to thrive and be competitive and meet its operations objectives.

Our Products

Sodium Silicofluoride

SSF is Sodium Fluorosilicate is an inorganic compound, has the appearance of a free-flowing white crystalline powder with a slightly pungent smell. The purity of the SSF that we develop is at 98% with 0.5% moisture and 1.5% maximum insoluble matter.

Precipitated Silica

Precipitated Silica is the amorphous form of Silica. Precipitated Silica has the appearance of crystalline white powdery material, but its form and appearance can be manipulated during the manufacturing process to suit the different purposes for its application.

our commitment

Our commitment to all our clients encompasses the following aspects

Assured purity, Effectiveness & Compositional Accuracy of our Products

Market competitive prices of all our products

Timely and efficient customer care operations

Reliable and Effective Information at all Times

Trustworthy after-purchase services

Tiruchem Impex Private Limited takes responsibility concerning the legal, social, ecological, and ethical principles and expects its vendors to conduct their business in conformity with the law of the land.

Our Sodium Silico Fluoride (SSF) and Precipitated Silicameets all industry requirements and standards and will propel your manufacturing business to achieve the growth and developmentyou are aiming for in your operations.

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